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At Play Learn Grow, we believe in sustainable educational toys; toys to promote early childhood cognitive and motor development for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Cognitive skills development in young children involves progressive building of learning skills such as attention, memory and thinking. These are crucial skills as they enable children to process sensory information and eventually learn how to analyze, evaluate, remember, make comparisons and understand cause and effect of every situations. Although a part of cognitive skills is dependable on a child's genetic make-up, most of the skills are learned, and can be learned.

Educational toys to support Cognitive Development Skills

Often, parents mistake that toys are just ways to distract their children from screen time and/or just to give parents a little break. However, the toys we have selected are meant to help develop your young child(ren)'s creativity, fine and gross motor skills, boost problem solving skills, promote social skills and conflict resolution, foster memory skills and concentration. All these in turn support the growth of children's cognitive development skills.

Learning can be fun too!

Always remember that children will learn best at play! Although with short attention span (at best 10-15 minutes), children will pick up something new as they explore during play time. You'll be surprised that they can learn new things each time even with repeated play of the same toy. If your child shows that he or she has lost interest in the particular toy, keep it away and re-introduce it again in a week or so, you'll be surprised that he or she will find new ways to play with it after!

Less is More

With smaller homes and/or play areas your children have these days, we as parents have gone through various stages of hand-picking the most sustainable toys that can clock high mileage and can be played differently through every milestones and stages of your child(ren)'s early life so they don't outgrow them within a year (they grow so fast don't they!). These toys at the same time will help develop certain important skills that will be useful to the little ones in the later part of their lives.

With lesser toys around, you will be surprised that your little one(s) will seek creative ways in playing with the toys owned. The educational toys will also help promote creativity and imaginative play in children which may sometimes surprise parents as well. Discover the endless possibilities with them over wonderful bonding sessions!