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On-The-Road Wooden Building Blocks, Family and Travel Set

S$ 108.00

Help your young children discover and understand the real world through play! Pretend play is an important feature of a child's social and cognitive development. Along with being fun, it improves creativity and allows different perspectives to be taken, at the same time develop a strong problem-solving approach in dealing with issues. Role playing enriches language skills and enhances communication skills in young children as kids are quick to pick up new words and will not hesitate to try these vocabularies when presented with opportunities! 

Allow your little ones to embark on a journey through the On-the-Road Wooden Building Blocks, Family and Travel Set as they create an entirely customisable world fuelled by their own imaginations and endless combinations of play. 

If you are looking for a gift that will encourage creativity, give children numerous hours of enjoyment and free up some pockets of time for parents, this On-the-Road Wooden Building Blocks, Family and Travel Set will be most suitable!

Product set consists of:

- 34 building blocks of various sizes

- 20 railway track parts to create 18 different combinations of track and endless scene combinations for roleplay

- 3 mini human figurines

- 3 types of recognisable daily vehicles

- 8 traffic signages and accessories which will help promote realistic roleplay, allowing the little ones to make sense of the world around them.