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8-Panel Early Learning Poster Charts

S$ 29.10

Designed to allow the curious little minds to learn during interaction and play, the 8-Panel Early Learning Poster Charts introduce alphabets, phonics, basic numbers, colours, parts of body, animals, fruits, vehicles and names of different dinosaurs, all of that in both English and Chinese language. As your little ones advances from toddlerhood to a preschooler, they will be able to start identifying words (in both languages) and parents can create a fun matching game for your preschoolers involving word recognition!

The 8-Panel Early Learning Poster Charts can be used multiple ways to enhance your little one's learning experience! Parents will not have to put up wall charts (& risking your wall or ruining the aesthetic of your home) and these poster charts can also double up as a mini playpen to house your little one(s). Alternatively, the 8-Panel Early Learning Poster Charts can also be opened up and stand against the walls, or along your play yard's panels.