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Animal Balancing Stackers

S$ 18.00

Stacking blocks have always been great fun since your child was an infant. This simple activity will now progress to allow your preschooler to learn about simple science and mathematical concepts in the name of fun!

The Animal Balancing Stackers is a more advanced game of balance compared to the Figurine Balancing Stackers that was previously launched. The animals are designed with curved and rounded edge, which add to the challenge of balancing the blocks altogether! You may want to start your little preschoolers off balancing the animals on a flat surface before leveling-up to using the balancing base included in the set.

Challenge with your little ones to see how high you can go! 

*Hint: we think that the Marine one is MOST challenging!*

Suitable for 3 Years Old onwards. Available in 3 different designs (Dinosaur, Marine and Wildlife).