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Very apt as a bedtime story for your little one(s) - allowing them to understand why we greet Goodnight or “晚安“ before bed, and learning the Chinese words of a variety of animals and insects.

Reading to babies can start as early as when your little precious is 4 months old! The roots of language are developing in a baby's brain even before he or she can talk; it encourages your child(ren) to look, point, touch, and learn how to answer questions. This will help in nurturing your little one(s)' social skills, thinking skills and also language skills. Watch your little one(s) grow as they begin copying sounds, recognizing pictures and learning words!

We as parents often focus more on the universal language these days we often forget to also expose the young ones to their Mother Tongues. It is also not easy looking for the right books that best suit their age groups too and I am glad I found a few titles that I can share with all of you here!