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I Like To Be KIND (Little BIG Feelings)

S$ 21.90

Many a times, you as a parent or caregiver would have wondered what causes your little ones to react to situations so strongly - and more often than not they would have acted unintentionally. We often forget that there is a limit their little beings can tolerate and that they are still new in grasping their emotions and managing them.

This series of Little BIG Feelings has excellent titles which includes 6 main emotions the young children will most always experience. These books not only explain in simpler terms but also guide us in helping the little one(s) manage their emotions in a most positive manner as can be.

This series best suit ages 2.5-3years old and up!

Reading to babies can start as early as when your little precious is 4 months old! The roots of language are developing in a baby's brain even before he or she can talk; it encourages your child(ren) to look, point, touch, and learn how to answer questions. This will help in nurturing your little one(s)' social skills, thinking skills and also language skills. Watch your little one(s) grow as they begin copying sounds, recognizing pictures and learning words!