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Pipe-Link Building Joy Packs - Exploration (14-Piece Pipe Links)

S$ 50.00

Birthday parties will not be complete without preparing party packs for your little one's young pals! Although birthday parties still cannot go on for a while more, these little gifts can still brighten these young ones' day 🤩

The Pipe Link Building Set contains different vivid colours and shapes which will stimulate young children's visual perception and ability to differentiate between colours and shapes, boosting their spatial intelligence.

The Exploration set (14-Piece) is a beginner's set which will suit young children 18 months onwards. It will definitely make a great gift to your little one's young pals!

The Pipe-Link Building Joy Packs come in 3 variations - Exploration (14-Piece), Create (21-Piece) and Challenge (40-Piece). Each set comes with a guide on the various formations the Pipe-Links can build based on the respective set purchased.

You may customise the final packaging; simply copy and paste the details below and key it in the Remarks column at the Checkout page:

Message on Tag: _________ (e.g. Javen's 4th Birthday! / James Turns 2!)

Theme: (We try our best to accede to your request, the default theme will be the rainbow background as shown in our images)

Packaging: Bottle / Bag (Pick ONE)

Colour of Thread (for tying tag onto bottle or bag): Sky Blue / Pink / Yellow / Grey / White / Navy (Maximum mix of 2 Colours)