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Rainbow Flower Pyramid Stacker

S$ 17.00

Somewhere between 6 - 12 months old when babies start gaining postural stability and are able to sit up with little support, they will also start stacking blocks - a huge baby developmental milestone. The seven visually stimulating colorful pieces are stacked neatly on the solid wood base. The pieces are smooth and just the right size for little hands to grasp. Being able to grip and stack the rings on the central base helps straighten babies' hand-eye coordination. The different sized rings is also a great way for babies to develop visual-spacial awareness as they learn about concepts like bigger and smaller. 

As babies begin to transition into toddlers (12 to 18 months young), parents can recreate new ways to play. Little children naturally begin to think outside of the box, so parents or caregivers should encourage them to look for alternative uses for whatever's at hand. 

Babies transforming into toddlers (18 to 24 months) will be able to play independently and they will be able to identify patterns and sequence better. Guide them along as they loop the flowers onto the base to form different shapes! They will be able to identify the difference in sizes and colours, and these help promote mathematical skills.

Every set includes a slip of instructions and tips on how to integrate learning into play as your little one progresses in age and milestones.