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Balancing Stackers

S$ 19.00

Suitable for 3 Years Old onwards

Toy set includes 16-piece or 32-piece mini cheerleader figurines, 4 wooden planks, 1 small wooden ball, 1 large wooden ball and a manual booklet.

Stacking blocks have always been great fun since your child was an infant. This simple activity will now progress to allow your preschooler to learn about simple science and mathematical concepts in the name of fun! The Balancing Stackers is also beneficial in creatively exposing your young ones early in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts while they figure out how structure stability works while they challenge themselves through the stages planned for them. Allow them to create their own human tower too! 

The Balancing Stackers will also help train preschoolers’ concentration skills as their attention span widens as they age. This can help keep them focused on a task. Parents should encourage your child if there are any signs of giving up!

*Adult supervision is required during play in the event if the toy set is played with children 18 months old to 3 Years old as this set contains choking hazard.

Every set includes a slip of instructions and tips on how to integrate learning into play as your little one progresses in age and milestones.