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Wooden Rainbow Geometric Blocks

S$ 38.50

Suitable for 12-Months onwards*

Each set consists of 24 wooden blocks which includes 6 different shapes in 4 colours.

The Wooden Geometric Rainbow Blocks contains different vivid colours which will stimulate young children's visual perception and ability to differentiate between colours, boosting their spatial intelligence. Bring your munchkin on a colour sensory experience and be amazed by the reflection of the shapes on a sunny day when light passes through the coloured lenses. 

A colour or shape matching game can be played! Simply trace the shapes on a piece of blank paper and have your toddler match the blocks to the shapes drawn. Preschoolers (4-6 Years Old) can also be taught about patterns and sequencing (enhance their memory skills), while at the same time this gorgeous sets of Rainbow Geometric Blocks can help them stay focused.

Eventually, this simple yet engaging activity aims to promote problem-solving skills in young children, consequently enhance their concentration, communication and social skills, and help boost their brain power, language and visual skills.

Every set includes a slip of instructions and tips on how to integrate learning into play as your little one progresses in age and milestones.