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Jungle Trek Water Beads Set (REGULAR SIZE)

S$ 38.90

Walk your little ones through the Jungle with miniature animals - allow their imagination to run wild (pun intended) as you create a mini Jungle or Zoo for some pretend play. Allow your young child(ren) express themselves openly without judgement while playing pretend with these animals and water beads. Creativity also helps nurture healthy mental growth in children by providing opportunities in trying out new ways in playing with the same set of toys. 

The Jungle Trek Water Beads Set - Regular Size includes:

3 Colours Grown Water Beads (300g each) in respective containers
1 Packet (~3g in dry form, 300g when grown) of Dry Green or Yellow Water Beads
6 complimentary large size dry water beads
1 Empty Bottle Container
6 Animal Miniature Figurines
1 Handy Scoop
1 Little One's Spoon
1 Rectangle Tray (35cm x 27cm x 9cm)
A slip of instructions and tips on how to integrate learning into play as your little one progresses in age and milestones

*The water beads are made of non-toxic and odourless polymer.

**Please note that the Round Sensory Tray with Handle is for illustration purposes. You may wish to upgrade from the Rectangle Tray to a Regular Round Sensory Tray with Handle at an additional $13.90, or to a Large Round Sensory Tray with Handle at an additional $16.90.

Adults to supervise during play as this set contains small parts which can be a choking hazard. Product is designed for play and not to be ingested.