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Wooden Geometric Jigsaw Tetris Board

S$ 9.00

Care for a game of brain teaser with your child? The Wooden Geometric Jigsaw Tetris Puzzle is an upgraded version of the traditional montessori game of tetris which will not go out of date. The different ways to solve the tangram puzzle inspires young children's observation, imagination, ability of logical thinking and problem solving.

An interesting way to learn while playing, preschoolers from 3 years onwards will enjoy the fun of exploring different ways to complete the puzzle by creating different solutions. Not only that, it can help to instill concentration skills and the ability to focus. Consequently, the playing with this Montessori puzzle set will leave your child(ren) with a sense of accomplishment and pride in solving the puzzles.

The puzzle sets are made of natural wood and stained with non-toxic water-based paint. The surfaces of wooden sensory puzzle pieces are well-polished; each edge of blocks has a circular arc designed around the edges. The sturdy and safe materials used will ensure the safety of the toy for children as young as preschoolers (3years old).

Each set includes an instruction manual that consists of various ways to complete the puzzle. The tip is to fill in a piece or 2 (or 3, 4, 5 pieces - reducing as your child "levels up") according to the examples shown and have your kid solve the rest of the puzzle!

Available in 3 designs:
Wooden Hexagon Rainbow Tetris Puzzle
Wooden Hexagon Tetris Puzzle
Wooden Geometric Jigsaw Tetris Puzzle